Christchurch casino reopened!!! Can welcome up to 100 clients!

Christchurch casino reopened!!! Can welcome up to 100 buyers!

Christchurch casino reopened!!! Can welcome up to 100 customers!

Fantastic news for all these who have been waiting to visit Christchurch Casino in New Zealand.

From Wednesday, September 22, Christchurch casino can host up to one hundred visitors into defined space!

When entering this marvellous land-primarily based casino you will have to put on a mask and scan/register in each space you enter.

Also, dining venues will accommodate a far better visitor knowledge. This involves the re-opening of the Cafe day-to-day specials and Monza.

In order to move much less difficult inside and about the casino guests need to have the Covid Tracer app installed on their mobile phones or have a Players Club card with them. If you don’t, you will be necessary to sign in manually each time.

Openning hours

Opening hours remain the same as prior to the pandemic. For all those who do not know, under we have shown you.

  • Monday: 12PM to12AM
  • Tuesday: 12PM to 12AM
  • Wednesday: 12PM to 12AM
  • Thursday: 12PM to 12AM
  • Friday: 12PM to 2AM
  • Saturday: 12PM to 2AM
  • Sunday: 12PM to 12AM

Mask required

The mandatory requirement under the Alert Level 2 is face coverings/masks. Condition of entry in the casino for clients will be wearing a mask, even personnel will be wearing.

All those who forgot to bring a mask with them, need to not worry. The casino will supply you mask for you. Bandana and scarf face coverings can also be utilized.

In the course of your dining or drinking, it is permitted to take off the mask. But when playing a table game/EGM and when moving by means of the casino interior guests are needed to wear a mask.

Christchurch casino defined space

The casino is divided into 4 defined spaces. Each defined space will have its personal entry and exit, toilet, buyer service, cash desk, ATM, and dining service.

  • Defined space 1 is situated in electronic gaming machines and a Cafe dining location.
  • Defined space two is the area with Principal gaming floor tables which includes Fast Rroulette, Vegas Star, Baccarat, and other few gaming machines.
  • Defined Space three is the area with only electronic gaming machines about Valley Bar. Players will be able to order a drink, but the Valley Bar is closed.
  • Defined space 4 is located in the Monza Sport area.

For any assistance please make contact with the Christchurch casino team and they will support you and provide you with all details.

Added information

Chch casino additional info
  • In order to enter the casino, visitors are needed to use Covid Tracer App, Players Club card or to complete the customer registration type in the casino foyer.
  • If you don’t want to use any of these 3 possibilities you enter will be declined.
  • Smoking inside the casino is not permitted.
  • All these who wish to smoke will be required to exit the casino and proceed outside of the principal entrance.
  • Poker games are accessible in the course of the Level 2 social distancing rules.
  • Tournaments are postponed as well.
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