learn how to play baccarat online

Learn how to play Baccarat online games

Usually, when a newbie starts to learn how to play Baccarat online, he understands that Baccarat differs from many popular casino card games. Its peculiarity lies in the rules. Here, the game result is not the main thing. Everything depends on the choice of a bet. Some lucky Baccarat players seriously think they can foresee the future — choosing the stakes (1 of 3 variants that will be described below), they make mistakes very rarely, or even always leave the table with huge wins.

Learn how to play Baccarat online — basic rules

When a newcomer to one of the best online Baccarat Canada casinos, picks this game and starts playing it for free, he understands that the whole action takes place at the table. Traditionally, it has green cloth. The layout of the table is special. It offers gamers to make a bet choosing the “Player, “Banker”, or the “Tie” variant.

The most interesting moment in the game is that even a loser can be a winner. It might sound absurd until you understand the rules here. Playing Baccarat, you must forget about the “best cards” for you. Concentrate only on the bet and make everything possible to let this bet play.

learn how to play baccarat online game

For example, if you bet on a “player”, you will have to try your best to get 9 or at least 8 (the maximum points’ number here). If you chose the “banker” bet before, your task will be to try to do everything to let a casino win. “Tie” bettors cannot affect the game. Besides, Tie situation happens very rarely. Thus, it is paid well. If you chose the Tie stake and it won, you will be paid 1:8. The sum will depend only on the bet’s size. Initially, each side (the gambler and the banker) get 2 cards. In some situations, when a banker has under 5 points, for instance, the 3rd card, can be drawn.

Baccarat calculations

Learn how to play Baccarat online starting with the points’ calculations. Remember that the winner is the one, who will be the first to get 8 or 9 points. The cards, which bring them, are:

  • Ace — 1 point;
  • “Pictured” cards and 10s — nothing;
  • Cards with numbers — the points in any Baccarat casino online game correspond the number (“7” is 7 points, “9” is 9 points, etc.).

When you get 10 and more (for example, Ace and 9 =10), 10 is extracted. It means, you have only 1 point. It means that you must also get another, the 3rd card.

Playing Baccarat for money

Do not play for real money, when you just learn how to play Baccarat online. However, when you have mastered this card game, pick the Canadian casino, which has the most positive real reviews. These are the trusted gambling sites:

  • Europa Casino;
  • Betway;
  • Spin Casino;
  • Jackpot City;
  • Ruby Fortune.

All of them have special welcome bonuses for new Baccarat players. Besides, before playing for money, casino users can try the game for free.

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