NZ gamblers spent $2.6 billion last year

NZ gamblers spent $2.6 billion final year

Division of Internal Affairs’ new information released shows that New Zealanders spent two.625 billion NZ dollars on gambling in 2020/21.

This information includes final results for the 4 major kinds of gambling in NZ: lotteries, prize competitions, gaming machines outdoors casinos, games of opportunity, and immediate games.

Spending on all four primary kinds of gambling increased more than the preceding year by 17%. Spending on gaming machines outdoors casinos (pokies) increased by 23% or 987 million NZ dollars.

Gambling infographic for New Zealand 2022
On typical, each and every
Kiwi over 18
spent a total of NZ$ 662 on gambling.

Annual figures on all NZ gambling activities

Right here we have a cumulative annual recap of the amount lost on gambling in NZ by Kiwis.

This summary is official information issued by the Department of Internal Affairs for the last four years where we can see a drastic difference and an increase of 17%.

Gambling in NZ for 2018/19

  • TAB NZ Racing Board: NZ$332m
  • NZ lotteries: NZ$531m
  • Pokies: NZ$895m
  • Land based casinos: $578m
  • Total devote: NZ$2.4 billion

Gambling in NZ for 2020/21

  • TAB NZ Racing Board: NZ$385m
  • NZ lotteries: NZ$694m
  • Pokies: NZ$987m
  • Land primarily based casinos: NZ$559m
  • Total invest: NZ$two.6 billion

Problem Gaming Foundation statement

Spokesperson of the Dilemma Gaming Foundation in New Zealand, Andree Froude, mentioned that despite the reduce in spending for 2019/20 due to Covid-19 lockdowns, information shows overall expenditure at the highest level in the past five years.

She also said that following the lockdown restrictions ended, Kiwis returned to gambling and spent 730 NZ dollars for each adult person in New Zealand.

The devote on Gambling Class four, like gambling on pokies in clubs, pubs, and TABs, is 987 million NZ$, the highest level in the final 5 years. Issue Gambling Foundation NZ confirmed that the NZ government’s evaluation into Class 4 gambling is welcomed. This review applies to pokies.

Andree added that spending on pokies in New Zealand is approaching 1 million NZ dollars, and the saddest issue is that all that money is coming out from the poorest communities.

Andree Froude, spokesperson of the Problem Gaming Foundation

60% of pokie venues are situated in medium to quite higher poverty locations, so the funds getting lost on gambling come from people who can not afford it.

This scenario is not just the case in New Zealand. Globally, gambling is most well-known in the poorest locations of nations. Take, for example, Eastern Europe. The towns are filled with sportsbooks and gambling venues exactly where the most folks who lose the cash are the poor ones.

Pokies rules assessment

Jan Tinetti, the Internal Affairs Minister, announced that the assessment would aim to target and reduce the harm encountered by individuals who gamble on pokies and folks close to them.

Andree added that the study would let Kiwis to express their opinion about pokies in NZ. Her main objective is to motivate Kiwis to talk about pokies in their neighbourhoods and the budget system that depends on the poorest men and women from impoverished communities spending cash on pokies.

Gambling damage to the country is a severe social concern in NZ society, impacting Asians, Pasifika and Māori communities.

The most damaging type of gambling is the Class four pokies. Accordingly, 50% of Kiwis who contacted gambling support reported pokies in TAbs, clubs and pubs as their major variety of gambling.

In our accountable gambling guide, we have talked about that damaging gambling leads to kid neglect, loved ones violence, poverty, poor mental wellness, fraud, broken relationships, loss of employment and even criminal activities.

The 2018 Overall health and Way of life Survey for pokie gamblers in clubs and pubs showed that pokie players are far more than twice at risk of gambling difficulties than other gamblers.

Public discussion on lowering the harm of pokies started on 17 March 2022 and expired on 28 April 2022. See far more info right here.

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