Who are you?

“Texas Panhandle Honor Flight” is filed with the IRS as a 501 c 3 non-profit organization.  Texas Panhandle Honor Flight is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifices of WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veterans.  We transport area veterans to Washington DC to visit and reflect at their memorials, providing each veteran with honor and closure.

Who is Eligible for the Honor Flight?

We accept applications from all Texas Panhandle Veterans and surrounding areas (Females included) who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam Eras.

When is this years Flight?

The 2019 Texas Panhandle Honor Flight date will be in September. Exact date to be announced at later date.

How many Veterans can go on an Honor Flight?

On a commercial flight we are limited to an average of 35 veterans, on a charter flight we can take as many as 85 veterans.

How much does it cost for each Veteran?

Each veteran  travels for free – however, the cost to the organization to provide airfare, hotels, meals, buses, park fees and gratuities is $1600 for a charter flight.  If a commercial flight is taken, the cost per person rises.

How do you make Veteran selections?

Applicants are chosen from the list of applications received.  WWII & Korea Veterans, TLC (Their Last Chance) Veterans are always considered as first priority.  Applications are then selected from the date they were submitted.  If anything changes to heighten the necessity of travel in a given year, it will be taken on a  case by case basis.

Can I be a guardian for my spouse?

As much as we appreciate the sacrifices made on the home front, our hub is obligated to observe National Honor Flight’s  Hub Policies.  Their policies state that spouses may only be a guardian if they themselves are Veterans, or are the spouses full-time care-givers.   We require all such spouses to provide documentation from a doctor or proof of income as the full-time caregiver of the veteran in question.  WWII and Korea spouses who are veterans may be required to provide a guardian for themselves as well.  Guardians duties are to ensure the safety of our Veterans.  Because of the aggressive schedule of the flight, we encourage younger sons, daughters or other family members to serve as guardians.  Every guardian that we take that is not necessary leaves one of the veterans on our list to be pushed back to another year.

Can I be a guardian if I’m not a Veteran or  I don’t have a family member who is a Veteran?

Absolutely!  National Honor Flight requires us to provide 1 guardian for every 3 able bodied Veterans, or 1 guardian for each WWII or Veteran whose physical health requires one.  Guardians are the backbone of the Honor Flight.  The goal of the guardian is to ensure the safety of every honored Veteran on the flight.  A guardian needs to be able to walk long distances; we cover about 5-6 miles a day walking, stairs, lifting / pushing wheel chairs.  A guardian must be able to be alert of the surroundings at all times to protect the Veteran from any mishaps.  TXPHF does not pay for the guardian’s cost of the flight.  We work hard to keep costs as low as possible, and we recommend that  you seek financial assistance from your local church groups, civic groups , or from your workplace to help defray the expenses.   The 2019 all-inclusive cost of flight is estimated at $1600.00, payable before August 31st.  This cost includes Flight, Hotel, Meals, Transportation and all Gratuities.